Private Transactions on Cardano

Cardano Mixer is a fully decentralized protocol that breaks the link between the sender and the receiver of assets on the Cardano Blockchain, enabling private transactions.

The app is under construction. To contact developers, email us:

Participate in the ISPO to support our project!

Initial stake pool offering (ISPO) is a novel method to distribute a protocol’s utility tokens to the community using the Cardano blockchain. It ensures a high degree of decentralization of the token ownership and simultaneously supports the project’s development.

Due to recently announced rebranding and redesign (see our Medium blog), CardMix ISPO now continues as ENCOINS ISPO! Visit ENCOINS Website for more information and subscribe for our new social media: ENCOINS Twitter and ENCOINS Medium.

Currently, we are distributing a total of 10 000 000 ENCS tokens (from the total supply of 15 000 000 ENCS) to delegators of our very own stake pool with the ticker symbol [CMIX]. Our ISPO started on Epoch 319 (early February) and will last until we spread all the tokens. To participate in the token distribution, users delegate their ADA to our stake pool [CMIX]. The ENCS rewards are calculated for every epoch individually, so users may decide to participate for any number of epochs.

Our pool is also a part of Cardano Single Pool Alliance (CSPA). You can find more details about the ISPO on our Medium page.

You can delegate your ADA to a stake pool in your Cardano wallet app. It is completely safe, as your funds never leave your wallet. Enter CMIX in the pool search textbox inside your wallet app to find our stake pool. To be sure you are delegating to the right pool, check the pool ID.

Our pool: pool1pmeetaqhlsdc5yj8snp8j46hprs9mzghxcl63vch95trz3xwpln
In hex format: 0ef395f417fc1b8a124784c279575708e05d8917363fa8b3172d1631
Check the pool on third-party aggregators:,,

Rewards Calculator

Participants of the ISPO can track their accumulated rewards using the calculator below. Enter your stake key to see how many ENCS tokens you have secured so far. The information is updated every epoch (5 days).

Distributed in the ISPO: 9 899 755 ENCS    (out of 10 000 000 ENCS).

Each epoch, we distribute between 120 000 and 600 000 tokens depending on the pool saturation. The per-ADA rewards are higher when the saturation is low. 90% of ENCS tokens are distributed proportionally to your delegation. The rest is distributed through a lottery. Every ISPO participant with at least 1000 ADA stake is eligible. You can check the lottery details here.

Epoch 396 lottery winners:

1) stake1ux3475zfrwg4dvnyungrs8d63q6h98fm7ckettl2q9keq4gng2h40
2) stake1uyvuffml95dt5a9edvyf2caf82qsjw6q7es9r856w7e88cgzgrs53
3) stake1u8jzqk9h5sntckefv49c4qnmu0rf0c9gwnklsetgvchsgtsqs97ph
The winners secure additional 4000 ENCS. Congratulations!!!

How does Cardano Mixer work?


Generate a one-time-key locally on your machine and deposit native Cardano assets into the smart contract.


Wait at least a few hours before withdrawing to improve your privacy. Wait longer to receive more significant rewards for anonymity mining.


Present a proof of knowledge of a key for one of the deposits to withdraw funds or mix again for even more privacy.

How do we achieve privacy?

Possible deposit amounts are fixed with several options available to the users. For example, when sending ADA privately, you can choose between 200, 1000, and 10000 ADA or use several deposits for a custom amount.

When users withdraw funds, they do not submit the keys for the corresponding deposits. Instead, they send zero-knowledge cryptographic proof of knowledge of a key to unlock one of the deposits.

Any deposit made prior to a withdrawal could be the corresponding potential deposit, though some are more likely than others. The wait before withdrawal increases the uncertainty, thus enhancing the privacy of every user.

Our main features


The protocol is fully decentralized. Any modification can be done through a vote between MIX token holders. The protocol development past the initial release will be funded using the protocol treasury.

Anonymity Mining

Some users may choose to leave their assets inside the protocol for a substantial time. As it improves privacy for everyone, this activity is compensated from the fees collected by the protocol.


The sender and the receiver have information about each other. The information is stored locally on users' devices. Neither the relayers nor the developers have this information. If the users want to share information about their transactions, they can.


Users, who stake MIX tokens, can run a relaying service for the protocol. A relayer accepts withdrawal requests from other users (for a fee) and submits transactions on their behalf. Thus, one can withdraw into an empty wallet.

Trusted Setup Ceremony

The protocol is initiated through a trusted setup ceremony. We invite everyone interested in the project to participate. More details on that will be available soon.

Anti-Malicious Use Measures

Tools to prevent malicious use without collecting any data are a part of our design. In particular, with the Cardano ecosystem support, we can efficiently counteract things like crypto ransom attacks.

Road Map

Before Q3 2022

  • Funding from Catalyst
  • Start of the ISPO
  • Public test #1

Q4 2022

  • End of the ISPO
  • Code audit
  • Launch on the mainnet

Q3 2022

  • Full test version release
  • Trusted setup ceremony
  • Github code release

After Q4 2022

  • Quality of life interface features
  • Mining & governance features
  • Collaborations with other dApps


Why would I use a private transaction solution on Cardano?


Cardano is a public blockchain. It means that all your transactions are visible and tracked by all kinds of other parties. Such transparency may be undesirable in a situation where your personal information gets linked to your wallet address and stored in centralized private or state-controlled databases. Unfortunately, data theft and misuse from these centralized databases are quite common and can often cause financial or other damage. Besides, privacy goes hand in hand with democratic freedoms. By using privacy tools on the internet, you take precautions against potential violations of your rights and boost the protection of other users. Cardano Mixer allows you to send a transaction to another user (or to your other wallet) without it being publicly visible on the blockchain.

What are the protocol fees?


We expect the total protocol fee (paid by the depositor) to be about 0.2 % of the deposit (plus a Cardano network fee). This fee will be split between relayers, anonymity miners, and, potentially, MIX stakers. Withdrawing from the protocol is completely free as the transaction is submitted on your behalf by one of the relayers.

How long do I have to wait before withdrawing to get reasonable privacy guarantees?


It is possible to withdraw immediately after the deposit has been made. However, it is suggested that you wait for at least a few other deposits into the protocol before withdrawing. The longer you wait, the more uncertainty you create. That is why the protocol pays a part of the collected fees to the anonymity miners.

Does the protocol have minimum or maximum deposit amounts?


We will have several preselected deposit amounts in the first version of the protocol. You will be able to choose between 200, 1000, and 10000 ADA deposits at the start. We will add more options, including other native Cardano assets, as the demand rises. If you need to send a custom amount, you could split the sum into several deposits.

Who are the relayers, and how do I become one?


Relayers are the critical part of our protocol's decentralized infrastructure. They process withdrawal requests and submit transactions on behalf of the recipients. Thanks to the relayers, it is possible to keep the Cardano network fees low and withdraw into an empty wallet. Relayers collect a part of the fee captured by the protocol. Currently to become a relayer, you need to stake 100 000 MIX tokens and run our Relayer app alongside the Cardano node. A detailed guide for the relayers is coming soon.

What is the tokenomics of your protocol token (MIX)?


MIX token will have a fixed supply of 100 million tokens. Most of the tokens will be distributed as rewards to the participants of the ISPO, the trusted setup ceremony, early users, and early supporters of the project. There is no public sale. More details can be found in our whitepaper or in our Medium blogposts.

Are mixing protocols legal?


Different countries have different laws regarding cryptocurrency. Non-custodial mixing protocols are legal in some countries, while others ban mixing large amounts of crypto. We suggest that you find out if mixing protocols are allowed in your country before using our service.

How do I stay compliant?


The protocol operates in a completely decentralized manner and is country-agnostic. It does not collect any personal information about the users. However, in some countries, you are required to report all your crypto transactions to tax authorities. The protocol can generate a report of the user's Cardano Mixer transactions (using data from your device).

I want to help the project succeed. What can I do?


Right now, you can delegate to our stake pool, follow us on social media platforms, send us your suggestions via direct message or email, and otherwise spread the word. Closer to the release, you could also participate in the Trusted Setup Ceremony (more on that later). We are a small team, so everything counts!